Welcome! The Lions' motto is "We Serve". As an active member of our service club, you will be helping those less fortunate, both through your volunteer participation in fund-raising projects, and by cooperative efforts with other charities.
The mission statement of the Appleton Noon Lions Club is "to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation."

We meet weekly on Mondays at 12:15 p.m. Lions and guests are met by a Greeter, (usually a Past President) as they collect their name badges and enjoy camaraderie. We begin our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance sing "America" and an invocation. We then share a meal, followed by songs and announcements. A one-half hour program keeps members current and informed by guest speakers. The meeting usually ends about 1:30 p.m. We want to emphasize that we are a service club, with the added benefit of social activities. It is at these meetings that we launch our fund-raising projects. As a member, know that we need your support. You are also encouraged to sit with different persons at meetings to get to know one another. Below are a limited explanation of our committees and various projects of the club.

Program Committee:
Two members are assigned for each month. They will work together on dates and what they want to select for a program. The General Program Chair (the First Vice President) may have some possibilities. They inform him/her of the program. They then contact the speaker, and the information is provided to the editor of the SNORT (the Appleton Noon Lions Club newsletter). This is done a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the speaking date. Attendance is better if the program is listed. On the day of the meeting, the lunch ticket seller will provide for a guest ticket for the speaker at no charge to the program chair, who sits at the head table to introduce the speaker. Political speakers seeking election should be invited in a debate forum. State of State talks are acceptable. (It is important to remember that Lions are "non-political, non-sectarian so not biased in our giving".) Limit the number of financial planners giving programs. Talks on Lionism are encouraged. The 5th Monday of a month may be reserved for autobiographical presentations of an Appleton Noon Lion.

Invocations: This provides a person the President can call upon to give an invocation prior to lunch

Song Leader: This Lion encourages good fellowship by leading the singing at each meeting.

Lion Tamer: This member serves as custodian of club property. He/she is responsible to set up the facility for the meeting (flags, banners, gavel), distributing song books and other materials at meetings.

Tailtwister: This member serves to promote harmony, good fellowship and enthusiasm at club meetings through the judicious imposition of fines on members. The fines are placed in the Administrative Account and used to offset convention expenses.

Conventions and Pins: There are annual conventions on the district, state and international level, and attendance is encouraged. The club pays some expenses such as registration and meals with money raised by the Birthday Raffles. Pins are also available. Contact the Secretary for more information.

Sight, Hearing and Charity: This committee receives local requests for help with sight and hearing problems and investigates need. Money is available from our projects.

Publicity and SNORT: Since we get our funds from the public, we try to let them know what our club does. The SNORT is our biweekly newsletter that keeps the members informed about upcoming program speakers, events, birthdays and the like. You can pick up your copy at the meetings and check off your name. This saves the club postage since it is sent out to absent members. It is also available on the Internet, and is sent via email to members who provide their email addresses to the Club Secretary.

Interclub relations: Area clubs sometimes work together, as on the State Convention or the 40+ clubs selling roses. This committee keeps in touch with other clubs.

Used Eyeglasses: There are locations in the area with eyeglass collection boxes. The Used Eyeglass Committee collects these eyeglasses and takes them to the Lions Camp where they are sorted by prescription and sent to third world countries and given to those in need. You may know of a good location where a collection box would be welcome. Let the Chairperson know, as extra boxes are always available. All of the collection locations are listed on the Appleton Noon Lions Club website.

Visitation, Calling Committee, Telephone Tree: This committee contacts members who are ill, and notifies the membership of their condition. They also alert members in the event of deaths or membership emergency.

Birthday Raffle: Raffle tickets are sold the first Monday of each month. The club provides $5 for each person having a birthday that month. Profits go to finance members attending the state and district conventions.

Special Events and Sports:

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: The Club promotes attendance at one game, "Lions Night at the Rattlers".
Golf: The Club organizes golf at State Convention and locally.
Bowling: The Club organizes teams for state and district bowling.

Lions Information: It is responsibility of this person to educate new members about the club and Lionism. There are usually five minute presentations on state or international activities.

Social Events:

Theater: We support the local theater by promoting member attendance at one night.

Family Picnic: This usually takes place at Plamann Park Pavilion. It is held rain or shine. Food is catered in, and beer and soft drinks are provided. Members pay a nominal amount to offset expenses. Everyone is encouraged to bring family and friends for a fun time. A raffle is held, so members are asked to get prizes to the committee members for the raffle. These can be obtained from local merchants/businesses, and help to offset the cost of the picnic.

Egg Nog Party: This event is held near Christmas. It involves a festive meal with eggnog and a raffle, along with singing, etc.

Lions Awards, Melvin Jones and Birch Sturm: The Club provides recognition for members who have done exceptional work during the year. A Melvin Jones Fellowship is the Lions International's highest award, and the Birch Sturm Fellowship, the highest State award. The committee of past award recipients determine who shall get new fellowships.

Donations for King Veterans Home: We ask members to contribute items needed at King around Christmas time, including clothing and toiletries, cards, hard cover books, etc. The committee delivers these items to the Home

Rose Sale: We join with over 40 other clubs in early spring to sell roses by the dozen. All members are encouraged to sell roses. There is also a need for as many members as possible to deliver roses on the delivery date.

Senior Living Expo: This is our major fund-raiser. It is a show with exhibit booths, seminars, and health screening for those 50 years and older. It runs one day, and much help is needed for that day. Committees work early in the year to sell booths, obtain raffle prizes, get speakers, etc.

Membership Committee: This committee is KEY! The existence of the club literally depends on it. It should use various means to continually encourage members to recruit new members. We lose members when they change jobs, move, have health problems, etc. With more members, we can SERVE more. Membership is by invitation only. YOU can invite members to join. If you have a friend who wants to be a volunteer in a program to help others, Lions is a means to do this and enjoy oneself at the same time. We have great fellowship and fun when we meet and work together on projects. Our club is open to prospective men and women of all ages who want to actively participate in our projects.

To recruit a new member:

1. Invite the prospective member to a meeting (remember, the club pays for the first lunch). Talk to the person about our club and what we do. Introduce them to other members.

2. If the person is interested, get an application form from the Secretary. Check on current dues (they are pro-rated from July 1st, so if a person joined in January, dues would be 50% of total).

3. Invite the person to join and fill in the application form. It will then go to an upcoming Board Meeting for approval.

4. With Board approval, the person will then pay the dues, and be inducted into the club with you as the sponsor offering your support. As a sponsor, your job of orientation continues for at least a year. Sit with the new members. Make sure they are introduced to other members. Inform them of how to participate in club projects, what we are selling, how to sign up to work on a project, and remind them about social functions. Encourage attendance at the meetings. Inform them that guests are welcome at the family picnic. Tell them about the annual Lions Camp Open House and the district and state conventions. Membership can be very rewarding—participation makes a good LION!


Guests at meetings: You are welcome to bring guests to meetings and social functions of the club. You are especially encouraged to bring potential members as guests to our meetings, and the club pays for their first lunch. Inform the meal ticket seller that you have a guest.

Annual dues: We ask that you pay your annual dues by July 1st, the beginning of our fiscal year. Bring a check to the Secretary to save the cost of billing. You will receive the Lions Magazine from Lions International and the Wisconsin Lion from the state as a Lions Club member.

Board Meetings: All members are encouraged to attend the board meetings that are held on the third Monday of the month at 10:30 a.m. If you have an agenda item, please get it to the President in advance of the meeting.

Youth Programs: The club provides scholarships for World Affairs Seminar to the five Appleton high schools, and sends a person to the Badger Boys and Girls State. The chairman of this committee makes contacts with local schools to initiate this project.

Salvation Army Project: All members are invited to take a shift ringing bells during the holiday season. You can ring at the time and site of your choosing. You can sign up on the web, or ask the Chairperson for more information.

Project Money: Local projects have included Lions Park in Appleton, where we put in and maintain new playground equipment. At Plamann Park we put in a 27 hole disc golf course providing free recreation for families. Other areas where we have helped local agencies are: donations to the Thompson Community Center, COTS Homeless Shelter, Emergency Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, LEAVEN, St. Joseph's Food Program, and Boy Scouts among others.
On the state level, we help to support the Lions Camp at Rosholt (visually and hearing impaired, as well as other disabled youth can attend the camp free for a week). We also support the Leader Dogs for the Blind and Wisconsin State Eye Bank. Our Club delivers eyes from Appleton hospitals to the Madison area on a regular basis.

Perfect Attendance: You get a perfect attendance pin annually. Even if you are unable to attend all the meetings, you can get credit for attendance by participation on projects, attending a Board Meeting, visiting another Lions club, etc. The Secretary can answer any questions you might have about this.

Up-dated: 8/09