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2 yr. Sharron Huss
3 yr. Sara Strelow

Editor: SNORT
Sherri McNamara

Vol. 93 No. 16 September 28, 2017

The Senior Living Expo is completed!! Thanks to Bob Simon and Bob Randa, as well as all of the Appleton Noon Lions who helped, to a successful Expo and a job well done. Way to Roar Lions! ( lots of pictures of the fun can be seen with this link)

The Expo was noticed in my church bulletin and all the comments I received were positive. Many felt that this offered a niche being filled that has been needed and evidently the WPS Health Insurance Company in Green Bay feels the same. I noticed in the Post Crescent that a Senior Expo is being held at the Resch Center in Green Bay on October 4 sponsored by WPS and Humana. Are we trend setters or what?

Talk about trend setting and services needed, Our speaker, Suzie Sokulski, introduced us to the Regional Cancer Center located in the Encircle of Care area off of Ballard Road in Appleton. This upbeat, beautiful center supports the philosophy that cancer can be beaten and survivors in our own club can attest to that. The comfort and confidence in the treatments assists with successful treatment of this devastating disease.

Speakers such as Suzie are important to our club because we need to keep aware of our community changes and offerings. In saying that, due to diligent leadership of Mary Beth Nienhaus our 1st Vice President, our next months speakers will offer a variety of interesting topics. Mary Beth informed me that the 1st Vice is in charge of programing and that the program members for a specific month are to report to her and that Joe Ferris will announce the speakers on the web page. This is a good plan, if everyone know about it, which, of course I did not and am one of the program members for October. Add to this the fact that Mary Beth is scheduled for missionary trips and I am doing some "bucket list" excursions too good to pass up, and you see the need for additional help which arrived in volunteers from Sara Strelow and Judy Knaus. Thanks to all and enjoy the speaker offerings for October which will be announced on the web page.

Now, talking about "Bucket Lists", only in the Appleton Noon Lions Club can we find a couple celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary and 70th birthdays by completing a half and full marathon! What an inspiration--Congratulations Sue and David Lee--you keep us all young at heart if only in our dreams. Glad you shared that with us.

Another accomplishment as great but not as strenuous as the Lee's, at least for Howard, is the arrival of Howard Pluess's 26th great-grandchild! Congrats and can we expect an uptick in Lion membership as these young one mature?

The Lees, Pluesses, Dunlaps, and all of us at some time have shared our children's and grand children's successes with the club. The lessons the young people are learning, such as winning, losing, leading, competing, and participating, form the very fiber of our community and totally deserve our attention. The Lions Int. and each local club supports these activities with the hope of that symbiotic relationship will result in more support for community service organizations like the Lions. Pay back and Pay forward.

And finally, we will keep your secret Sid from all the other Tail Twisters, but we knew all along that just like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, you had the courage to show your heart. Thanks for paying our fines last week--unless you paid them with the funny money floating around the club, thanks to Treasurer Blaine Priesbusch.


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